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On a mission to cuddle


The cuddly Heunec world

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(Deutsch) Kuschelfreunde in XXL

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(Deutsch) CROWNIES

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Our 2019 collection

Download the Heunec main catalogue for 2019 HERE (Download ZIP archive, 276 MB). You can visit the ONLINE BROWSER VERSION of the catalogue here (opens in a new window).

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Our 2018 collection

Download the Heunec main catalogue for 2018 HERE (Download ZIP archive, 244 MB). You can visit the ONLINE BROWSER VERSION of the catalogue here (opens in a new window).

Fuchs Lucky View Detail

Lucky – Made my day

“Made my day – Lucky the fox will put an end to Murphy’s run of bad luck.” You will find Lucky in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

My little Murphy View Detail

My little Murphy

“My little Murphy makes us all laugh in his own friendly way.” You will find My little Murphy in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Poupetta View Detail


“The world of Poupettas: There are no limits to your imagination” You will find Poupettas in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Besitos View Detail


“Besitos: Ideal for young and old “cuddlers” alike — as well as for personalisation. You will find Besitos in the selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Young & Trendy View Detail

Young & Trendy

“Young and Trendy: The eye-catchers to collect, for decorating and to cuddle” You will find Young & Trendy in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Geschenkideen View Detail

Gift ideas

“We have the right cuddly gift idea to suit every occasion.” You will our full glove puppet range in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Puppentheater View Detail

Glove puppets

“You go into the auditorium; the curtain goes up and the exciting puppet theatre show can begin!” You will find Glove puppets in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”. Take a look at our video. wp-content/uploads/Videos/Handpuppen.mp4

Schaukeln und Schaukelpferde View Detail

Rocking horses

“Heunec-rocking horses guarantee great fun with great safety” You will find our rocking horses in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”. Take a look at our video. wp-content/uploads/Videos/Schaukelkaefer.mp4

Reittiere View Detail

Standing animals

“With a load-bearing capacity of up to 100 kg, almost everyone can have fun with our standing animals.” You will find Standing animals in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”. Take a look at our video. wp-content/uploads/Videos/Stehpferd.mp4

Teddybär View Detail

Bear Country

“A teddy bear symbolises strength and is a true, and your very best friend!” You will find our teddy bears in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Give me a smile View Detail

Give me a smile

“Eight cuddly little kittens are lining up to conjure up a smile on our faces.” You will find the cute cats in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Heunec's Baby-Linie View Detail

Heunec Baby line

“Baby toys from Heunec contribute to babies’ healthy development.” You will find Baby Line in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

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(Deutsch) Biene Maja

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Unsere Produkte rund um „Miffy“ findest du im ausgewählten Handel und im Heunec-Kuschelshop.

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Benjamin Blümchen

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Der Kleine Prinz

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Der kleine Rabe Socke

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Gut, dass es jetzt Käptn Blaubär und seinen Kumpel Hein Blöd als Plüschfiguren gibt (erhältlich in drei Größen: 15 cm, 25 cm, 50 cm; empfohlen ab 0 Jahren). Unsere Produkte rund um Käptn Blaubär findest Du im ausgewählten Handel und …

Kleiner Eisbär View Detail

The Little Polar Bear

“A little polar bear discovers the world but always returns home” You will find The Little Polar Bear in selected store and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Tilda Apfelkern View Detail

Tilda Apple Core

“Let yourself be transported into the world of the little church mouse and her friends” You will find Tilda Apple Core findest in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Paddington Bär View Detail


“Things like this are always happening to me. I’m that sort of bear. “ You will find Paddington in selected shops and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Jan & Henry View Detail

Jan & Henry

“Where is the sound coming from? Perhaps from there? Or from over there?” You will find Jan & Henry in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Bibi Blocksberg View Detail

Bibi Blocksberg

“Eenie, meenie, my witch’s potion is now ready to start a real commotion!“ You will find Bibi Blocksberg in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Bibi und Tina View Detail

Bibi & Tina

“The core topics here are friendship and a passion for horses” You will find Bibi & Tina in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Yakari View Detail


“Yakari and his friends bring us closer to the natural wonders of the world” You will find Yakari in selected shops and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

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(Deutsch) Zorro

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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Mi Classico

“Mi Classico: Rich in detail and close to nature – Plush toys to collect and play with” You will find Mi Classicos in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Wendy View Detail


“Wendy transports (not only) girls into the wonderful world of horses.” You will find Wendy in select stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Janosch View Detail


“Wonderful, loving stories that manage well without violence” You will find Janosch in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

Unser Sandmännchen und seine Freunde View Detail

Our Little Sandman

“The Little Sandman is “the” bedtime story for millions of children.” You will find Our Little Sandman in selected stores and in the Heunec “Cuddle Shop”.

The Heunec product worlds

Unlimited product diversity

About us

Heunec introduces itself



A passion for cuddling!

Hello and welcome to Heunec. We would love to abduct you and take you on a “mission to cuddle” during which you learn a lot about us but even more about the things which provide us with fresh motivation each day and which fill us with joy. At the end of this journey, you will understand why our products are much more than “just” plush figures. We wish you lots of fun while discovering our range!
We are an international toy manufacturer with its headquarters in the dolls city of Neustadt near Coburg. With an annual production of an average of two million plush animals, we are one of the ten largest manufacturers in the German traditional toy trade.
The name HEUNEC stands for an inexhaustible creativity, flexibility – but above all – for fun with plush animals! Since the company was founded in the year 1891 the wishes of our customers have been at the heart of our work. This means that year on year we produce plush animal toys which each have their own unique character.
There is a very simple philosophy behind the story of our years of success: Our toys simply represent real value for money. Each product is developed and manufactured with great attention to detail. Our plush animals are unmistakeable because we use only super soft, high-quality materials and because of their really expressive faces. The combination of good quality and a reasonable price level is a guarantee for our unique products which are fun for children to play with but which will also impress adult fans of cuddly soft toy animals! Heunec plush animals are now being cuddled in one third of children’s bedrooms across Germany.
Unsere Werte


Our values

Since its foundation, HEUNEC GmbH & Co. has remained true to its own local roots and has put long-term thinking ahead of striving to make short-term profits. We have put achieving quality at the heart of our business, together with a focus on meeting our customers’ needs and responding to their suggestions for improvements. Satisfied employees and a good working atmosphere form the basis for our company’s success.

Our values, our philosophy


The family-run Heunec company can look back on more than 100 years of company history. Our success has been based on the experience passed down through four generations of family ownership. We will hold on this tradition of success as we move into the future.


Where it makes sense, travelling new paths leads to optimisation of processes. The carefully planned introduction of innovative ideas and technologies improves both our productivity and the quality of our products.


… are our most important capital. We create a positive working climate in which initiative and commitment in no way conflict with fun and satisfaction. We promote the development and further education of our employees. Each of us gives life to this general principle by acting as a model for his or her colleagues to follow.

Laboruntersuchungen bestätigen die Sicherheit unserer Spielwaren.

We think safety

We think quality

We think sustainably

Good to know:

For more information and services


Heunec means variety

We have a wide selection of toys

It is not just our high quality standards which are easy to see at Heunec. With a current collection of more than 800 individual items, we cover a very large range of plush animal toys. For our customers this means, They can get a full service “from a single source.”

We have a wide range of products, especially in plush animal toys. There are many gradations between high-price collectors’ items and “cheap fairground plush animals”. Our goal is to produce high-quality plush toys at a price everyone can afford. Without exception, our plush animals are made both for collecting AND to be played with. But it is also because of our wide variety of plush animal toys and an exciting mix of licensed articles and our own in-house developments, that we stand out from other manufacturers.
It is precisely this variety that sets us apart from the rest. Because we do not limit ourselves to making standard models but are guided by the wishes and requirements of our customers. On the basis of this philosophy, we have developed a unique portfolio which contains almost everything ranging from small promotional gifts to large animals which children can ride on to the huge decorative bears – and all from a single source!


Gifts for every occassion

special designs

Whether you want to give someone a gift in your personal life or as a marketing tool for your business or association: Individualised little mascots are always something special! This is because they conquer the hearts of their new owners in a particularly personal way and ensure in the nicest way possible that your message will be remembered for a long time to come.

Private gift ideas

You have a birth, the anniversary of a colleague’s start of employment in your company or a milestone birthday of a friend coming up. But what should we give them?
An Individualised little mascot is a special gift idea for every occasion. Giving someone a little mascot is a really good way to show someone how much you appreciate them and they will help someone to remember that special day for years to come. In our head office in Neustadt near Coburg we realise your gift ideas, depending on feasibility, either in digital transfer printing or using the computer controlled embroidery machine.


Notes on personalisation

  • Because we cannot provide any warranty on goods made by other manufacturers, we exclusively use items from our own collections for personalisation.
  • Prints on T-shirts and bandanas (head or neck scarves) are ideal for small print runs.
  • It is not possible to print directly onto plush animals which are made of some particular materials. Lettering is not really feasible on long-hair plush animals because it will not be easily readable. In such cases we suggest a print on a T-shirt or scarf would be better. In such cases the little mascots are supplied with clothes on.
  • Prices will depend on your requirements and on the costs of implementing your designs.
  • The production of replicas of existing, defective plush animals is very expensive and is therefore not offered by us. But you can use our repair service.

Company and club mascots

Less is more. Anyone who wants to attract potential customers can do this by using press reports, newspaper ads or a sophisticated Internet presence. Bust sometimes even the most cleverly worded advertisements are not enough to open up the hearts of the people looking at them.
In such cases, the cuddly ambassadors of the Heunec company really hit the bullseye! The use of the term “ambassadors” is part of our program: The combination of a plush figure and the advertising message makes your brand not only well known but literally also felt. It is no wonder then that even critical viewers become enthusiastic about it.


Notes for special developments

  • We have various production methods for your custom-made products, depending on the quantity you require and your other requirements. Smaller quantities of items are also manufactured in part at our headquarters in Neustadt, for larger quantities, however, we have to use our factories in Asia.
  • It is only economically viable for us to make completely new developments in larger quantities, however. Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you.
  • Prices will depend on your requirements and on the costs of implementing your designs.
  • The personalisation of licensed articles is only possible subject to certain conditions. Please ask about this in advance.
  • Please note the delivery times in the event of a planned production in Asia. Subject to a scheduled design phase, we can usually notify you of planned delivery dates after your order has been clarified.

Learn more about our special designs


You can find out about the sources of our articles here


At Heunec our plush toys simply represent real value for money. Perhaps this is just one of the reasons why right now a child is playing with a Heunec plush animal in one in three children’s bed rooms (in Germany). You can find our plush animal toys in retail outlets as well as on numerous online platforms. A list of some of our sources is shown below.


Hertie Online - Viel Spaß beim Einkaufen

Otto Markenstore

Real Online

The list of sources is in alphabetical order and will be updated.



Shopping in and experiencing

Cuddle shop

It is not without reason that Upper Franconia is known as being something of gourmet region. And whether you love beautiful landscapes or fine culinary delights: Our region has something to offer to all the senses. And if you should ever find yourself in the area, the doll’s city of Neustadt is well worth a visit, as is the toy museum in the neighbouring town of Sonneberg and – of course – you should also visit our factory shop!

As soon as the doors to our factory shop are opened you will find yourself in a fabulous fantasy world where no wishes remain unfulfilled! Here you will find a large selection of our collection products at affordable factory sales prices. Bargain hunters are sure to find what they are looking for in our special sales areas. Here we offer discontinued articles and sample products at favourable prices. As soon as you come up the drive way to our premises at Am Moos 11 you are greeted by cheerful plush animal figures. All over the courtyard you can discover figures, some of which are larger-than-life. You will even recognise some of them from the TV!

Special promotions and
Factory tours

On request, we offer kindergarten groups, school classes or other plush animal friends an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the plush animal production factory. The factory tour includes a visit our Heunec Museum and an exciting excursion into the subject of toy safety in which you can test some toys yourself to round off the day. After this you can, of course, also visit our factory shop.
Dates for public promotion and special event days can be found on our website and in the regional press. Please send all requests from groups by e-mail to info(at) We will contact you as soon as we can.

If you cannot visit us in person: Our online “cuddle shop” is open around the clock for you.

We are there for you

We are there for you


legal notice and disclaimer

Here you will find us


We will be happy to advise you in our headquarters in Neustadt near Coburg. Get to know our team and our service portfolio up close. Why not come and get an insight into our daily work and/or visit our “cuddle shop!” Our team is looking forward to your visit!
Please arrange an appointment in advance using the contact data below.

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The pictures on the following pages are used under licence from
Our values:
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We think safety:
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We think sustainably:
“Mountain River. A Stream Of Water In Forest And Mountain Terrain Stock Image”
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Infographics of Our Values
“Colorful business infographics elements with different web and business icons for professional presentation.”
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Our presence on social networks and platforms serves to improve active communication with our customers and potential customers. We provide information there about our products and special campaigns in progress.
When visiting us online in social media your data may be collected and saved automatically for market research and advertising purposes. By using pseudonyms so-called user profiles will be produced from this data. These may be used, for example, to place advertisements within and outside platforms which supposedly match your interests. To this end cookies will normally be placed on your terminal. Visitor behaviour and the interests of the user will be saved in these cookies. In accordance with Article 6 Para 1 Letter f of the GDPR this serves to protect our prevailing justified interests of presenting our services in the best possible light and in having effective communication with our customers and potential customers in a balance of interests. If you are asked for your consent (agreement) by the respective social media platform operators for your data to be processed e.g. with the assistance of a checkbox the legal basis for your data being processed will be Article 6, Para 1, Letter a GDPR. Insofar as the above-named social media platforms are based in the USA, the following shall apply: The European Commission has an adequacy decision for the USA. This dates from the EU-US Privacy Shield. A current certificate for the respective business may be inspected here.
The detailed information about data processing and usage by the provider on its webpages as well as a contact option and your rights and setting options regarding this to protect your privacy, in particular your opt-out options are shown in the provider’s data protection information, to which there is a link below. Should you nevertheless need assistance in connection with this you may contact us at

Data processing is carried out on the basis of an agreement between the parties jointly responsible in accordance with Article 26 GDPR which you may read here:

Opt-Out option:

5. Contact options and Your Rights
As a person affected you have the following rights:

• In accordance with Article 15 GDPR you are entitled to request information about the personal data processed by us to the extent described in the said article;
• In accordance with Article 16 GDPR you are entitled to request that incorrect or incomplete information about you in the personal data saved by us is corrected or supplemented immediately;
• In accordance with Article 17 GDPR you are entitled to request that your personal data saved by us is deleted, unless it is necessary to continue processing it
– to exercise your right to freedom of expression and to receive information;
– to fulfil a statutory obligation;
– for public interest reasons or
– to assert, exercise or mount a defence against legal claims;
• In accordance with Article 18 GDPR you are entitled to request that the processing of your personal data is restricted, insofar as
– the accuracy of the data is contested by you;
– processing it would be unlawful, but you refuse to allow it to be deleted;
– we no longer require the data, but you need to have it however to assert, exercise or mount a defence against legal claims or
– you have lodged an objection to your data being processed in accordance with Article 21 GDPR;
• In accordance with Article 20 GDPR you are entitled to request that your personal data with which you have provided us is sent to you in an structured and common format which can be read by computer or that it is sent to another responsible body;
• In accordance with Article 77 GDPR you are entitled to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. As a rule you may contact the supervisory body located where you live or work or where our company is based to do so.

Should you have any questions concerning the collection, processing or use of your personal data, wish to receive information about it, or have it corrected, or have processing restricted or have the data deleted, as well as wish to revoke consents granted or raise an objection to a specific use of data, please contact us directly via the contact data in our company details.

Right of objection
Insofar as we process personal data as mentioned above to protect our prevailing justified interests as part of a balance of interests you may object to this processing with effect for the future. If processing is carried out for the purpose of direct marketing, you may exercise this right at any time as described above. Insofar as the processing is carried out for other purposes, you will only be entitled to a right to object if there are reasons extant arising from your specific situation.

Once you have exercised your right of objection, we shall no longer process your personal data for these purposes, unless we are able to prove that we have compulsory reasons for processing your data meriting protection and such reasons prevail over your interests, rights and freedoms, or if processing your data serves to assert, exercise or mount a defence against legal claims.

This shall not apply if processing your data is for the purpose of direct marketing. In this case we shall no longer process your data for this purpose.

6. Job applications
We are offering you the option of submitting a job application to us (e.g. by e-mail, post, or via the online application form). We are informing you below of the scope, purpose and use of the personal data collected from you in the course of the application procedure. We assure you that your personal data will be collected, processed and used in accordance with the data protection law in force and all other statutory regulations and your data will be handled in strict confidence.

Scope and purpose of data collection
If you let us have an application we shall process the personal data associated with it (e.g. contact and communication details, application documents, notes made in the course of application discussions etc.), provided that this is necessary for making a decision on offering you employment. The legal basis for this is Section 26 German Federal Data Protection Act [BDSG] -new version in accordance with German law (Setting up employment), Article 6 Para 1 Letter b GDPR (setting up a contract in general) and – provided that you have granted your consent – Article 6 Para 1 Letter a GDPR. Your consent may be revoked at any time. Your personal data shall only be forwarded to persons within our company, who are involved in handling your application. If your application is successful, the data submitted by you on the basis of Section 26 German Federal Data Protection Act [BDSG] – new version and Article 6 Para 1 Letter b GDPR will be saved for the purposes of handling your employment in our data processing systems.

Length of time over which data is kept for safekeeping
If we are unable to offer you a job, if you reject the offer of a job, withdraw your application or revoke your consent to us processing your data, or request that we delete your data, the data sent in by you including any remaining application documents we may still have shall be saved and kept in safe-keeping for a maximum of 6 months (safekeeping period of time) after the application procedure has ended, in order for the details of the application procedure to be followed and understood in the event of discrepancies (Article 6 Para 1 Letter f GDPR). YOU MAY OBJECT TO YOUR DATA BEING SAVED FOR THIS PERIOD OF TIME IF YOU HAVE INTERESTS FOR DOING SO PREVAILING OVER OUR INTERESTS. After the safekeeping period of time has expired, the data shall be deleted, provided that there is no statutory safekeeping period or other legal reason substantiating subsequent storage of your data. If it can be seen that it will be necessary to keep your data in safekeeping after the initial safekeeping period has expired, (e.g. as a result of an impending or pending legal dispute), the data will only be deleted if it has become irrelevant. Other statutory safekeeping periods of time shall not be affected.


Die Heunec Plüschspielwarenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG ist mit ca. 30 Beschäftigten in Neustadt bei Coburg ansässig und gehört zur Spielwarenbranche. In Deutschland befindet sich Heunec unter den TOP Ten der Anbieter bei traditionellen Plüschspielwaren.

Unser Motto lautet „in kuschliger Mission“. Um uns für die Zukunft „fit“ zu machen suchen wir kluge und kreative Köpfe jeden Alters. Ein Besuch auf unserer Web-Seite zeigt unsere kuschligen Produkte und unsere Philosophie


Aktuelle freie Stellen

Ausbildung zur/zum Spielzeughersteller/in (Beginn August 2018)

Staatliche Berufsbildene Schule Sonneberg



Schön, dass Du auf uns zukommst!
Deine Initiativbewerbung ist bei uns willkommen.

Du hast bei den aktuellen Stellenangeboten keine Position gefunden, die Deinen Vorstellungen entspricht? Wir freuen uns auch über Deine Initiativbewerbung. Oft ergeben sich sehr kurzfristig interessante Möglichkeiten!

Lass uns wissen, in welchen Bereichen Du die Zukunft mitgestalten möchtest und sende Deine aussagekräftige Bewerbung bitte an:


z. H. Anita Zimny

Am Moos 11

96465 Neustadt bei Coburg




Hier findest Du ein paar nützliche Bewerbungstipps.

Damit wir prüfen können, ob wir zueinander passen, sollte Deine Bewerbung folgende Unterlagen enthalten:

  • ein individuelles Anschreiben
  • einen lückenlosen, tabellarischen Lebenslauf
  • alle relevanten Zeugnisse über Deine Ausbildung und berufliche Entwicklung.

Bitte lass uns außerdem wissen, für welche Stelle Du Dich bewirbst, ab wann Du verfügbar bist und in welchem Bereich Deine Gehaltsvorstellungen liegen.
Bewerbung per Post oder E-Mail
Du kannst Dich bei uns per Post oder E-Mail bewerben.

Deine Bewerbung schicken Sie bitte an:


z. H. Anita Zimny

Am Moos 11

96465 Neustadt bei Coburg